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Brahma fee 350 series

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Tags: Brahma Board

Management fee of Brahma 350 series are designed to provide security and temperature control wall-mounted boilers with open or closed combustion chamber with atmospheric gas burner.

Brahma fee 350 series has the following features:

  • For single or dual electrode system is equipped with a remote ignition device;
  • Control of boiler components (pump, fan, valve, flow switch, air pressure switch, thermostats, etc.);
  • Controls, controllers connected to the motherboard via a flat cable;
  • The use of contact or immersion probes for temperature measurement;
  • Temperature adjustment is controlled by the microcontroller;
  • Flame modulation with proportional, integral and derivative electronic system (PID);
  • Installation of different water temperatures for heating and domestic consumption;
  • Low power consumption for soft start;
  • The function of protection against freezing;
  • Connected to the limiting thermostat;
  • Can be used in floor heating systems;
  • Pre-configured for liquid propane or natural gas;
  • Diagnostic functions;
  • The EMC system (filter against electromagnetic interferences);
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