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Honeywell S4565BF 3161

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Honeywell controller series S4565BF

Control units Honeywell combustion S4565BF 3161designed specifically for use in atmospheric boilers Ferroli gas appliances, De Dietrich, Mora, Viessmann, IRBIS.

Honeywell S4565BF 3161regulators ignition series S4565BF designed for use in gas boilers, domestic Central heating systems, combination boilers and heaters or water heaters with automatic ignition system In these systems the S4565 ignition controls are used in conjunction with gas control VK41 series. with the aim of creating optimized subsystem of emergency protection ensures safe ignition and flame supervision of the main burner of the heating installation. The combined system provides a secure programmable ignition, flame supervision and regulation of the gas flow to the main and/or pilot burner of the heating installation.

Regulators ignition series S4565BF 3161- spark ignition of the burner (Direct Burner Ignition=DBI) or the ignition and pilot burner (Pilot ignition Intermittent=IP) with a particular safe time of ignition for applications with fan and without the fan, with flame detection, soft or hard lock, extra remote reset and fixed waiting periods and to enable a full starting sequence in the event of extinction of the flame.

Regulators ignition series S4565BF 3161 voltage 220/240 V~ can be directly incorporated into the electrical circuit of the gas control VK41 series...

Regulators ignition S4565BF 3161 not intended for direct exposure to flame. Controllers ignition series S4565A ensure high performance at high reliability. There are modifications for different systems of ignition.

General provisions

• All security functions of the burner control together in one reliable and optimized system.

• Special emphasis in the design was placed on obtaining optimal solutions for systems used in gas heating installations, with spark burner ignition (DBI) or pilot burner (IP) for igniting the main burner.

• Gas regulator and ignition controller is designed using the principles that have passed the test of time.

• Easy installation of the regulator ignition on the gas regulator using the socket provided on the controller top.

• Installation is possible up to an angle of 90° in either direction from the vertical position two-position electric actuators.

Regulators ignition series S4565BF 3161 developed specifically for use in gas domestic heating installations.

Supply voltage 220 ... 240 V~, 50/60 Hz (-15 % /+10 %)

Power consumption 4 VA

Electrical connections

High-voltage spark discharge: flat terminal of 2.8 x 0.5 mm

Control flames: flat terminal 4.8 x 0.8 mm

PCB connectors: Molex 3003 series suitable for coupling with female cable connector Molex 3001

Reset lock

Regulators ignition S4565BF 3161 can be reset either by a private /external reset button (suffix AF, BF, CF and DF) or by interrupting the permanent power supply (suffix PF, QF, RF and TF). If the first reset is not successful, then before second try, wait at least 15 seconds.

NOTE.When you first start the ignition controller may be in the lock state, therefore, may need to be reset.

NOTE.If you press the reset button during normal operation, the gas valves close, and after releasing the reset button, the controller starts a new ignition starting sequence.

NOTE.If the fed continuous alarm output signal lit neon indicator with integral resistor having a resistance of >150 kω (max 1 mA).

NOTE.If you have connected an external valve liquefied gas pressure switch gas, after asking for the heating of the valve is initiated. The ignition controller remains in standby mode until the circuit pressure switch gas. If the gas pressure switch opens during normal operation, gas valves are closed.

When the required heating, time, is equal to the sum of the periods of self-examination (TC) and waiting time (TW) elapses before will be included built-in ignition device and gas valve. The spark ignites the gas, and the flame is detected by the rod flame sensor. Once the flame is established, may be added a predetermined extended ignition time. If the flame is not established during the safe time of ignition (TS), the controller ignition is blocked. If the flame goes out during normal operation, the ignition controller repeats the start-sequence

Suffix BF: atmospheric system, the ignition pilot burner, a timer time safe ignition

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