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Code: VK4105B1000B

Gas valve Honeywell VK4105B


Gas valve Honeywell series VK4105B

Gas valve Honeywell VK4105B- combined regulation system and ignition controls and performs all the functions required for safe ignition, flame supervision and safe management of gas flow to the pilot and/or main burner. The system contains CVI gas valve series VK4105B and a specialized regulator ignition S4565/S4575/S4585 which is connected directly to it.

Gas regulator Honeywell series VK4105B has a standard body to which the plant can be connected to multiple devices that perform various additional functions. Among these additional features and devices includes: serverhellodone pressure control using a butterfly valve, fully adjustable system, smooth ignition SOFTLITE, regulator gas/air ratio 1:1 or electric two-level (high-low), or regulator (with boost) to run all types of management.

Gas regulator Honeywell series VK4105B can operate with three oil gas: heating, natural and liquefied.

Gas valve Honeywell VK4105B usedin gas boilers Dakon, Mora, Baxi, Ferroli, De Dietrich, Bosh, ACV, Beretta, Riello, Protherm, Viessmann, Danfoss, Ariston, Buderus, RSA, RSD, RSH, RST.

Features VK4105B:

• All security functions of the burner control together in one reliable and optimized system.

• Special emphasis in the design was placed on obtaining optimal solutions for systems used in gas heating installations, with spark ignition of the burner (DBI), and for the system with a pilot burner (IP) for igniting the main burner.

• Gas regulator and ignition controller is designed using the principles that have passed the test of time.

• On-off control of main burner by electric actuator and electric actuator servo type, powered directly from the controller of ignition.

• Easy installation of the regulator ignition on the gas regulator using the socket at the top of the latter.

• Installation is possible up to an angle of 90° in either direction from the vertical position two-position electric actuators

Gas regulator series VK4105B:

• Input and output connection diameter lie on the same line and you can use the connecting flanges.

• There are the following models with different closing force: B + J; B + C; B + B.

• The servo controller pressure creates a stable outlet pressure.

• Feedback pressure provides constant pressure to the burner against the pressure in the combustion chamber.

• All settings accessible from above.

• 9-mm fittings for pressure measurement on the upper surface allow to control the input and output pressure.

• At the entrance of the gas regulator is set internal fine meshed filter. This filter is not designed for removal for cleaning.

• An additional output filter.

• Bottom gas regulator has two holes for self-tapping screws for rigid mounting to the heating system.

Gas regulators series VK4105B have a servo with a positive relationship, i.e. in a normal off condition of the main valve is closed by spring pressure and can be open only if the gas pressure is sufficient to overcome the force of the spring. This substantial built-in protective function ensures the automatic closing of the main valve in case of power failure or gas supply.

VK4105B 1000 VK4105B1000B
VK4105B 1000 (U) VK4105B1000U
VK4105B 1026 VK4105B1026B
VK4105B 1026 (U) VK4105B1026U

Доступные для заказа модификации:

VK4105B 1000 VK4105B1000B
VK4105B 1000 (U) VK4105B1000U
VK4105B 1026 VK4105B1026B
VK4105B 1026 (U) VK4105B1026U
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