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Fiber optic extension cables for measuring heads

Fiber optic extenders Honeywell FASA-GLASS and FASA-QUARTZ for measuring heads allow you to control the flame in a hostile environment, in the presence of:
strong vibration
intense heat source
chemicals that cause corrosion
explosive gases and dust
Fiber optic is used for transmission of flame the flame detector or measuring head installed in a remote location. Fiber optic is laid in a flexible tube of stainless steel with forced air supply for cooling.
To focus the flame on one end of the fiber using a lens and the other end coupled directly to the measuring head.
There are extension cords with a length of 33 cm (1 ft) to obtain a total length of slightly less than 4 m (12 ft)
The extension of optical fiber used for detecting only infrared radiation.
Extensions made of quartz fibers are used for systems with UV detection and binary systems with detection of UV and IR radiation.
The Honeywell FASA-GLASS
In stock
Full node optical components from the optical fiber La IR with guide pipes and Flex connection.
The Honeywell FASA-GLASS-FT
In stock
Plus extender for FASA-GLASS. Adds a length of about 33 cm (1 ft).
The Honeywell FASA-QUARTZ
In stock
Fiber optic extension cables for measuring heads
The Honeywell FASA-QUARTZ-FT
In stock
Plus extender for FASA-QUARTZ. Adds a length of about 33 cm (1 ft).