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Контроллер Honeywell EC7895

Controller Honeywell EC7895 consists of a relay module, base, amplifier, and purge card. An additional option is a keyboard display that can be set on the module or relay on the door panel.

Honeywell EC7895 can be programmed in accordance with the required level of protection and enhanced functionality of the office.

Honeywell EC7895A1010
In stock
Code: EC7895A1010
Controller Honeywell EC7895A1010 provides monitoring flame light mode indication,system or self-diagnostics and Troubleshooting.
Honeywell EC7895C1000
In stock
Code: EC7895C1000
Controller Honeywell EC7895A1010 enables the monitoring of the flame, the light indication mode,system or self-diagnostics and Troubleshooting.