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Катушки клапанов Honeywell

Coil for valve Honeywell (inductors, electromagnetic coils, solenoids) are widely used to control the solenoid valves, gas valves.

For the selection of new coil Honeywell to replace the failed one should consider the values of several key parameters of the coil:

1) Inner bore diameter of the coil. It needs to be slightly larger than the diameter of the rod on which will dress up the coil. The clearance between the reel and the rod is recommended in the range of 0,1...0,4 mm. the greater the gap the coil will heat up above the maximum ambient temperature that will lead to a sharp reduction of its resource.

2) the height of the coil. Usually dressed on the valve stem or the dispenser coil is fixed on the nut or retaining ring. The height of the pick up coil should provide possibility of installation of this locking device.

3) the supply Voltage of the coil. Having determined the diameter and height of the coil need to choose the appropriate option to the supply voltage.

4) coil Power. From a number of coils with a suitable height, the diameter and the voltage to select the nearest suitable power.